Try these simple remedies and loose your extra weight.


- Honey is the best method to lose weight. Drink at least 10 grams of honey with lukewarm water. This is one of the best home remedies for obesity.

- Another proven home remedies for obesity is eating cabbage.

-Oats : Its not only tastes great but also reduces your hunger. Oats contains fiber which helps and stabilizes the levels of cholesterol.

- Eat raw tomatoes early in the morning for a period of three months and see how it helps you to lose weight.


- Eat at least a 10-12 curry leaves for a period of four months.

- Drink three tsp of lemon juice in water; add some black pepper and honey. Do this for at least a period of four months.

- Green Tea is the most effective one which helps you to lose weight. It contains Antioxidants which helps and stabilizes our body weight.Take daily 2 cups of tea for a better results.


- Boil some pieces of ginger and add some slices of lemon into it. Drink it when it is lukewarm. This controls the habit of overeating and prevents obesity.

- Mint is also one of the best home remedies of obesity. Eat a paste made up of mint with meals.

- Drinking carrot juice on a regular basis also helps in treating obesity.


Stay Slim & Happy !


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