Useful Tips to Reduce Acne Naturally

Most of us have had acne at some point in our lives. Although you can use various lotions or creams to combat acne, following these natural tips reduces the occurrence of acne.

  • Keep your face clean to avoid acne, but excessive washing of your face could dry your skin,leading to or increasing acne. Wash your face gently, as scrubbing opens the acne lesions and causes further spread.
  • Avoid picking or popping acne.
  • Use water-based products on your skin to avoid clogging of pores, instead of oil-based cosmetics.
  • Acne breakouts reflect your stress level. Try keeping your body and mind relaxed by doing meditation or yoga. Low stress levels allow better movement of oxygen within the body, and your face remains clearer with less acne.
  • Certain medications for other health problems cause acne. Review your medicines with your doctor to reduce acne outbreaks.
  • Eat a healthy diet of vegetables and fruit which include sufficient fiber. Avoid iodized and sugary foods as these often cause acne.
  • Drink sufficient water to clean your system and wash out toxins. Insufficient water levels in the body hamper excretion of waste products. These can erupt as acne.
  • Wear loose clothing. Tight clothes accumulate sweat and block skin pores, increasing acne on your back and body.
  • Herbal medicines may produce positive results for acne as they clean your body inside and outside. They also clean your system of different toxins.

Ten tips to help you avoid acne.


Acne affects a wide range of people. It could be due to many causes like stress, hormonal imbalances, environmental pollution, improper diet, or illness.

1. Clean your face with natural skin products every morning and night to remove dead cells, open clogged skin pores and let your skin breathe.
2. Do not touch your acne with your hands and keep your hair from falling on your face. Dirt and oils aggravate your acne.
3. Do not use oil-based make-up. Use water-based products to avoid clogging your pores.
4. Wipe your face with fresh, clean face-cloths as bacteria transfers from damp cloths.
5. Picking and pinching acne generally makes it worse and may leave scars.
6. Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, and drink plenty of water to wash toxins from the body.
7. Regular exercise and sufficient sleep are essential for a healthy skin.
8. Stress can lead to increased acne. Reduce your stress level if possible.
9. Avoid sugary and iodized foods, coffee and carbonated drinks. Stop smoking, as it makes your skin dry up and break easily.
10. Wear soft cotton clothes to get relief from itching and irritation of acne on your back and shoulders. Also, shower immediately after exercises.
11. Use a clean pillowcase every night until your condition improves.

Consult a dermatologist to treat severe outbreaks of acne.

How to Treat Dark Eye Circles


1. Apply peeled and grated raw potato to your eyes at least three times per week. Leave the potatoes on your eyes overnight if possible.

2. Soak cotton balls in cucumber juice or slice a fresh cucumber and apply them to your eyes. Leave them on for 15 minutes for a relaxing treatment that helps reduce dark eye circles.

3. Massage almond oil into the skin surrounding your eyes at bedtime. Try this for two weeks to see results.

4. Practice pranayama, which is a controlled breathing exercise. Try this everyday for at least five minutes to reduce stress. Visit the Yoga Site website for information on how to practice pranayama.

5. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated can help reduce dark eye circles.

6. Eat a healthful diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables.

7. Get plenty of restful sleep.

Look Good Feel Great !!

Reasons for Eating slowly !!

eat slowly

Eating speed figures prominently in determining whether you will become a fatter person or a leaner person. The facts have shown that people who eat their meals in a slower fashion tend to eat less and also tend to weigh less. Here are some reasons to eat slowly:

1. Lose weight: Eating slowly prevents you from over-eating. It takes the brain 15 or 20 minutes to recognize that the stomach is full. If you’re in a fast food restaurant, and the burger slips down your throat rather too easily, then your brain will kick in too late. Numerous studies have found that people who eat fast are three times more likely to be obese than people who eat slowly.

2. Enjoy your food: It’s hard to enjoy your food if it goes by too quickly.The more you eat, the less flavor you enjoy. If you eat them slowly, you can get the same amount of great taste, but with less going into your stomach. Make your meals a gastronomic pleasure, not a thing you do rushed, between stressful events.

3. Improve Digestion: Eating slowly is good for digestion. This starts with chewing food more. Enzymes in saliva help break down the food, so it gets digested more easily and fully. The more chewing work you do, the less strain on your gut.

4. Take a stand against the fast pace of life: We already rush from one task to the next – I have no idea how I’ll get through my to-do list today – and eating slowly is high on the casualty list. Let your eating habits reflect the newfound control you have over your life.

5. Less Stress: It’s a way to reduce the stress in your life. It can be a form of mindfulness exercise. Be in the moment, rather than rushing through meal thinking about what you need to do next. This could lead to a less stressful life.

Speed up your Metabolism

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Metabolism is the amount of energy (calories) your body burns to maintain itself. If your activity level stays the same and the amount of calories you eat stay the same, you will gain weight because your metabolism has slowed down. Here are few tips to speed up your metabolism.

  1. Cardio and weight training: Starting at about age 25, our metabolic rate slows down and it slows down significantly more for people who are not physically active. It’s important that your workout routine consists of a mix of cardio and weight training, which people, especially those looking to lose weight, often overlook. One of the most effective ways to boost your resting metabolic rate  is to build muscle as the increase in lean muscle mass will cause your body to burn more calories even when you’re doing absolutely nothing.   article-0-1B690677000005DC-82_306x335
  2. Don’t skip meals: Skipping meals can slow down your metabolism as your body tries to compensate for the lack of energy you’re providing your body.
  3. Eat right: Eating can have a major impact on metabolism. Egg whites, cinnamon, cayenne, whole grains, lean protein, ginger, tree nuts, avocado, spinach, hemp seeds lentils, peppers, green tea and water have all been shown to effectively help rev up metabolism. images (10)
  4. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep: Countless studies have shown that getting adequate amounts of sleep is a key to a healthy metabolism.
  5. De-stress: Acute stress wreaks havoc on your health and that includes slowing down your metabolism (when the levels of the stress hormone cortisol are too high, it dampens your body’s ability to burn fat).                                                     Yoga Outdoors
  6. Eat slowly: Chewing food takes energy; eating slowly also gives your brain more time to register that it’s full, resulting in less calories consumed.
  7. Intermittent push-ups: A few minutes before you eat, do 10 to 50 push-ups depending your fitness level. Not only does lean muscle burn more fat, but short bursts of exercise have been shown to lead to an afterburn of as much as 300 calories per day.

Banish your Belly Fat FOREVER–



Everyone has some belly fat, even people who have flat abs.

That’s normal. But too much belly fat can affect your health in a way that other fat doesn’t. Read this article to learn how to lose that stubborn belly fat for good.

1. Start your day with lemon juice

This is one of the best therapies to eliminate belly fat. Pinch some yellow juice into a glass of warm water and add some salt to it. Continue drinking this every morning to boost your metabolism and to get rid of that paunch.

2. Stay off from white rice
Replace white rice with various wheat products. Include brown rice, brown bread, whole grains, oats and quinoa in your diet.

3. Avoid sugary substances
Stay away from sweets, sweetened drinks and foods rich in oil. Consuming these foods can increase body fat around various areas of your body like abdomen and thighs.

4. Drink plenty of water
If you want to get rid of your belly, then drink sufficient amount of water every day. Drinking water, after regular intervals will help to boost your metabolism and remove toxins from your body.

5. Eat raw garlic
Chew two to three cloves of garlic every morning, and drink a glass of lemon water after that. This treatment will double up your weight loss process and make your blood circulation smooth in your body.

6. Avoid non-veg food
To eliminate belly fat, it is recommended that one should avoid non-vegetarian food as far as possible.

7. Load up on fruits and vegetables
Eat a bowl of fruits daily in the morning and evening. This will fill you up with many antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

8. Spice up your cooking
Use spices like cinnamon, ginger and black pepper in your cooking. These spices are loaded with health benefits. They help to improve your insulin resistance and reduce levels of sugar in your blood.

Finding the right Mosturizer for you !


Moisturizing is vital for healthy skin. As you grow older, your skin dries out. Moisturizers soften lines and wrinkles and keep skin moist for a healthy glow.

While choosing the right skin moisturizer may seem confusing, it’s actually very simple if you follow a few guidelines:
• Note the first five ingredients. Look for common active ingredients, such as lanolin, glycerin, or petrolatum. Glycerin is less likely than lanolin to cause an allergic reaction. Also it is recommended to pick a moisturizer that’s made by a reputable company.
• Go for added sunscreen. Protecting your skin from harmful sun damage is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin looking young, so buy a moisturizer with a sun protection factor of at least 30.
• Make it skin-type appropriate. The skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive, so it’s a good idea to use a different moisturizer on your face than you do on your body, buy one that’s labeled “non-comedogenic” because it won’t clog your pores. Of course, choose one that’s right for your skin type. If you know you have sensitive skin, it’s always a good idea to look for a moisturizer labeled hypoallergenic. If you have oily skin, go with a light, oil-free moisturizer. If you have dry skin, get something richer. And if you have combination skin, go with a lighter moisturizer for your whole face and dot drier areas with a heavier cream. Keep in mind that you may need a lighter lotion in the summer, and a cream or ointment in the winter.
• Consider using a moisturizer with retinol before bed. Retinol is vitamin A for your skin. It works by increasing the speed at which your skin cells turn over. You can find it over the counter or by prescription, but use it carefully as it may cause a skin irritation, red skin, or dry skin.

Get Flawless Skin Naturally !!


The key steps to having radiant, younger looking skin is to get rid of old, dry, dead skin cells. And the best way to do that is to exfoliate.

Here are some Natural exfoliants for your skin. 

Sea salt
Sea salt’s gentle abrasive properties make it a good organic exfoliant, especially for those with dry skin. Combine a cup of sea salt and glycerin to create a paste. Rub the paste over your body with your hands or a sponge, and then rinse off.

This fruit contains the enzyme papain, which dissolves old, dead skin cells without harming the younger, live cells beneath. This enzyme can also help heal skin and cause lines and dark age spots to vanish. Opt for young papayas, those that are more green in colour for your skin care regimen.

This milk-based food can do wonders for your complexion. Yoghurt contains lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid but at a concentration so mild it’s gentle enough to use on any skin type. It hydrates and exfoliates, has skin-smoothening and soothing benefits. Use plain yoghurt as a facial, leave on for about 20 minutes, then rinse.

Unprocessed honey is a good topical antiseptic and has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal benefits. It also helps the skin protect and repair itself. It can be used to create a natural exfoliating scrub to reveal fresh, smooth skin by gently removing dead skin cells.

This commonly eaten breakfast food works as a good natural exfoliant with anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a moisturiser too. Finely ground one cup of oatmeal in a blender. Then mix with one cup of plain yoghurt and two tablespoons of honey in a small bowl. Apply the paste on your face for 15 minutes, and rinse off with warm water.

Look Good Feel Great !!

Oily Skin Dont’s !!


Knowing what not to do can be just as important as knowing how to properly care for your oily skin. 

Don’t use creamy or milk cleansers. 
Creamy or milk Cleansers deposit unnecessary lipids — oils — on the skin, which can make you feel even oilier. Better to stick with salicylic acid or glycolic cleansers, or gentle liquid cleansers.

Don’t moisturize.
Even better than searching for the perfect oil-free moisturizer is ditching this step altogether. Instead, use a gel or serum with anti-aging ingredients..

Don’t rely on SPF powders.
Most sunscreens are formulated in oil preparations that feel and look greasy, so for people with oily skin, SPF (skin protection factor) powders are tempting. But they do not have enough SPF, even if it says so on the label. To get the SPF stated on the label, you’d need to use 15 times the amount of powder you would normally use.

Don’t overwash.
Oily skin isn’t a hygiene problem, so extra cleansing isn’t the answer. If you wash too much, you can strip your face of the essential oils that serve as a barrier to a lot of irritants. This can cause your face to become red and raw. It’s better to wash twice a day and use blotting paper when you feel shiny throughout the day.

Look Good. Feel Great !!