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Liposuction or Fat Suctioning

Two decade ago, people thought that staying "chubby" was nice, "Health is Wealth" and so on. The current fancy however is to "stay slim and trim". Exercise centers, weight reduction clinics, wrap clinics and jazz exercise tapes are popular all over the world today, trying to help people lose their fat.

Liposuction means removal of fat by surgery. In suction Assisted Lipectomy or Liposuction, the surgeon makes a cut 2-4 cm in size (like in Laparoscopy) and removes fat from any accessible area of the body. Results are permanent and the suctioned fat never returns to that area with proper aftercare. Reduction is seen not only in weight, but also in inches in the area of suction. Localized fat collection of the abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, buttocks, calves, arms under the chin, upper torso, etc can be reduced by this procedures.

The procedure is done under general or local anaesthesia band usually requires only a few hours stay at the hospital the patients can go back to work in a few days.